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I believe… It’s really Hot

June 28, 2012

LeBron James just won his first NBA championship, the Indians have apparently forgotten how to win, it’s 100 degrees outside and there’s a fire the size of Colorado raging in Colorado right now.  Summer has arrived and it is currently dropping a record setting hammer on the entire country.  I’ve stated my beliefs many times that I prefer the cooler seasons.  There’s no better time in my mind than October through December: changing leaves, warm meals, holidays and pumpkin spiced everything.  But there will be time for all these things in a few months.  For now, it looks like we, as a people, could use some things to believe in to get us through these sweltering times.

Well here I am to provide you all the inspiration you need.  Let’s crank out a list of summer beliefs to put a smile on some faces, shall we?

I believe in pool side cocktails; in floating lazily on a raft with a Leffe Blonde in my hand while Holden sleeps on the deck.

I believe in beaches and sunsets; in watching the sky change from blue to purple to orange as we catch that last glimpse of the day over the water…even if it is Lake Erie.

I believe in 5:30 am Insanity workouts; in waking up, working out and then feeling good the rest of the day.

I believe in the NBA draft; in Cavs rumors of trades and the hopes of picking a star for the 2nd year in a row.

I don’t usually believe in acronym nicknames but if Cleveland gets MKG I’ll make an exception.

 I believe in starting to get excited about the NFL, despite it not yet being July. I believe in betting futures and devouring every article written about the gambling season to come.

I believe in bachelor party chain emails, even if I don’t get to read them just yet.

I believe in grilled French Toast breakfasts, pair with a glass of Pappy.

I believe in personalized Mad Hatter’s Hat’s, lightning bolts and getting mom to write ‘Breathe’ for Meg and me…

I believe in the hunt for our second dog. The early process of finding a breeder and then staring at puppy pictures for hours on end.

I believe in long nights at the ball park, when the sun would stay out til 9 and the heat index never dropped below 90.

I believe in wooden bats with picturesque tape jobs and so much pine tar that your helmet sticks to your hand.

I believe in flat brimmed, salt-stained hats and knockoff Oakley’s.

I believe in driving home from work on a Friday with the windows down and some Credence turned up.

I believe that, while this might not be my favorite time of year, there’s still plenty to love about the summer

And I believe that the fall is coming…

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