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A Balding Star’s Journey to Nothingness

June 12, 2012


A little over a year ago I started this blog to talk about things that were on my mind. A LOT of it has been sports related, including one of my first posts in which I talked about LeBron James.  In addition to starting my blog last year, something else was happening that was almost as big (sarcasm, you’re best): LeBron, fresh off his nationally televised breakup with the city of Cleveland, was in the NBA finals with his new team, the Miami Heat. Not only had they made it that far, but they were heavy favorites to win the championship as well.

During that time I wrote that, if LeBron were to immediately win a title by turning his back on his our city, it would be the worst possible outcome. I even stated that at some point this team would probably win a title but if it were to happen that first year it’d just seem cruel.  Well God apparently has a big heart and a sense of humor because not only did the Heat lose to the Dallas Mavericks but it happened in the best way possible; with LeBron wilting under pressure and failing to deliver when it mattered the most.

Cleveland, if only for a moment, was able to revel in the angst and disappointment on LeBron’s face as the national media buried him for his lack of clutch. The Heat would probably have their day in the sun (pun intended) but it hadn’t happened yet.  The Cavs weren’t champions, but neither was our public enemy number one. In some way that felt right.

Here we are a year later and again the Heat are in the finals. This time though, they are not the favorites; that honor goes to the younger and more athletic Oklahoma City Thunder.  The Thunder can match Miami’s star power, are healthier and might even have the better player in Kevin Durant. That’s not the only difference in my eyes though.  I may watch the games but this time around I won’t have that weight in the pit of my stomach.  I won’t be cheering for the Thunder like they’re my own team; praying that they can somehow deny LeBron his first title.  I’ve reached a point now where I’m over it all. I simply don’t care what happens with this man any longer.

Throughout this year the hatred and venom towards LeBron has mostly fallen off.  Yes, he’s still booed in Cleveland but not nearly as harshly as last year, and around the rest of the league no one seems to care about The Decision any more. They might not agree with it, but they aren’t mad about it either. There’s even been conversations involving LeBron considering a return to Cleveland and questions about if the fan base and Dan Gilbert would ever take him back. (Tangent: the answer to both questions is yes by the way. LeBron would have to show true remorse and apologize but to even consider that fans wouldn’t cheer again for the greatest physical talent since Wilt is a joke. He’d apologize and after his first 33-12-14 game we’d all lose our minds as we chanted, “MVP… MVP”. As for Gilbert, he’s a proud man but he’s also a smart man who cares about his brand and business. LeBron brings media, attention and money. If he really wants to come back, he’ll come back.) It even appears as if he’s remorseful about the whole situation. As if he finally realizes how horribly he handled the entire situation.

If the Heat do lose this series I’ll probably smile but only for a moment.  Maybe they’ll try to retool their team and that could be entertaining as well but regardless it’s not going to affect me.  Not like it did last year.  The same rings true for if Miami wins. I simply do not care anymore.  I’ve become apathetic to what LeBron James does and it feels fantastic.  If you want to show someone that they cannot hurt you anymore simply do not react.  LeBron, I don’t even care enough about you to hate you anymore.  Congratulations. In trying to become something even greater than you were, you’ve become nothing. Enjoy your parade.

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  1. June 12, 2012 11:16 am

    You said I’d disagree with this, but for the most part I don’t. I’ve lost a lot of the extra hatred I have for him, but I still don’t want him to win it all. If the Cleveland curse is real, I want it to extend to someone who did publicly humiliate the fan base the way he did. That would be the only fair possibility to come out of it. But, I don’t think the curse exists, and I do think they’ll probably win the title this year. I think this Thunder team is crazy athletic, and if Ibaka can play the way he did in the previous series, and Russell Westbrook remembers that Kevin Durant is on his team when it gets down to crunch time, they can pull it out. But the way Lebron is playing, he only needs mediocre performances from Wade and Bosh for the series, and one good game from them a piece to get 4 wins. It’ll sting for a second to watch him celebrate, but as the saying goes in Cleveland: “There’s Always Next Year.”

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